• CategorySpeed


Version: 1.0
Last Update: 09.04.2016
Compatibility: 1.x
Installable on unlimited domains. The site number refers to support. 12 months refers to support and updates.

Speed up your insertion of categories and products.

Instead of one page for categories and another for products, all in one page.

Categories and products are loaded and unloaded on click to avoid heavy page.

No more you need to filter for searching your category or product.

From the same page you can see , edit, delete and add all.

It is easily installed in your admin panel, without having to make any changes to the source code.

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Install directly from the Martkeplace or download from Extension Installer
1) Go to Admin->Extensions->Modifications and click on refresh button
2) Go to Admin->System->User Groups and check the permission for CategorySpeed and ProductSpeed

That's all!
Left menu under Catalog you can see Categoryspeed

For any issue then comment OR

contact : ulisse62@tiscalinet.it


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