• Auto Create Downloads

    Auto Create Downloads

Vendor: Gili Ware
Version: 1.0.0
Last Update: 24.10.2015
Compatibility: 1.x
Installable on unlimited domains. The site number refers to support. 12 months refers to support and updates.

This extension automatically detects new files uploaded into the download folder of Arastta via FTP and creates new downloads for them, instead of manually uploading and creating them one-by-one from admin panel.


No extra action required, just upload the files via FTP and visit the Arastta => Catalog => Downloads page or edit any product to see them at any time.


Supports any file type. By default; zip, exe, rar, 7z, mp3, pdf, doc, docx, avi, mpg, ace.


Upload files at any size via FTP, no PHP memory limits to worry about.

Where should I upload the files?

Into the following folder: download


How to add file types/extensions?

1) Open the XML file

2) Find the following line and add the new ones:

$types = array('zip', 'rar', 'exe', '7z', 'mp3', 'pdf', 'doc', 'docx', 'avi', 'mpg', 'ace');

Install directly from the Martkeplace or upload from Extension Installer.

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