• FedEx Smart & Flexible

    FedEx Smart & Flexible

Vendor: Linda Packson
Version: 3.15.2
Last Update: 24.05.2017
Compatibility: 1.x 1.1.x 1.2.x 1.3.x 1.4.x 1.5.x 1.6.x
Installable on unlimited domains. The site number refers to support. 12 months refers to support and updates.

FedEx Smart & Flexible
is made for your happy packaging
This module covers all FedEx cases for e-commerce. By using advanced package management algorithms ensures cost-effective delivery for both you and your customers. Configuration flexibility ensures exact fit for your business needs.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Buy this module for $30 instead of $40. Reviews in comments are very appreciated!

  • Provides several ways to get rid of 150lbs service limitation by splitting orders into multiple packages.
  • Uses advanced 3D packing algorithm to achieve cost-effective packaging (or individual packages if necessary).
  • Provides standard FedEx packages to choose from plus configurable to use set of custom packages.
  • Uses unique packing algorithm for Envelopes.
  • Processing days are configurable. Can specify weekends and holidays as non-working days if necessary. Cut-Off Time is also configurable.
  • Packing Lists. For each order packing list is generated and can be seen in Admin panel. In this list you can find required box types and where to put each item.
  • Packing is configurable to include extra gifts and promotional items.
  • Weight, rates and dimensions are adjustable per item.
  • Results can be sorted by price or estimated delivery time if necessary.
  • Supports shipping from outside of US (Canada, India, UK and others).
  • Ability to restrict the extension by geo zone, customer group and store if necessary.
  • Debug mode is configurable to detect and resolve problems.


Installation Instructions

  1. Backup your Arastta installation, just in case.

  2. After successful installation log in to your store admin panel.

  3. Proceed to:
    Extensions > Modifications
    Press "Refresh" button (on the top-right).

  4. Navigate to:
    Extensions > Shipping > FedEx Smart & Flexible > Install

  5. For help with the extension settings, please carefully read the help text
    for each admin panel setting. If you have further questions, please contact
    our support at our official email.

Support: support@drugoe.de

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I get an error "There are no valid services available", what does it mean?
    A: It means that shipping service cannot provide you any rates for the specified products. Possible reasons: Item size or weight are exceeds service limitations. It's a module error, it just an indicator of inability to provide delivery for the current user cart using the current shipping service. To hide this error, change module's Debug settings.
  • Q: I get an error "Length/Width/Height/Weight is not defined for item ...", what does it mean?
    A: It means that size or weight is not specified for an item and it is impossible to get rates for this item. To fix this error, please proceed to admin page of th product and specify size and weight.
  • Q: I like the module. How can I say thanks to the developers?
    A: We would be happy if you write a review and score the module :)
  • Q: I want to install this module to several customers, what should I do?
    A: Please contact us at support@drugoe.de and we will provide you discounted rates per installation.
  • Q: I have a problem which is not listed here, what should I do?
    A: Please contact us at support@drugoe.de and we will provide you discounted rates per installation.
  • Q: How do I find Packing List?
    A: Open any order with Smart & Flexible module shipping which was added after installing and enabling the module. On top right you will see several buttons. One of those buttons is "Packing List".

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