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SYNTAX ERROR deliver support and user-friendly solutions for websites, webshops and other relevant network systems.

For example, we provide complete solutions for integration between Mamut One and webshops built on Arastta, which allows you to import your orders and customers automatically into Mamut One - and also export products, order status and inventory etc. from Mamut One to your webshop.

SYNTAX ERROR is also integration partner for several payment providers, offering payment options like card, invoice and account etc.

Long time contributor to open source systems, with focus on providing Norwegian translation and localisation. Guess it started with osCommerce around 2003, later moved on to the more friendly Zen Cart in 2005/06, and now to the best so far - Arastta. In between a lot of love and contribution has went into Joomla! CMS, as translator and translation coordinator.

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